Pastoral Council

Council Members

Chairperson - L. Graff

Vice-Chairperson - M. Clark

Secretary - Y. Bachelu

Pastoral Assistant - A. Sander

Finance - L. Pettigrew

Stewardship - M. Jaldon

Social Justice - L. Jones, R. John

Deanery Representative - M. Clark

Liturgy - G. Sander

*Public Relations - Vacant

Ecumenical - E. Bachelu

Spiritual Education - C. Woodrow

Youth - A. Sander

Members at Large - L. Werner, J. Dudgeon, M. Wirges

St. Matthew's School Representative - S. Possberg

Catholic Women's League (CWL) - C. Schultz

Knights of Columbus (KofC) - G. Jones

Meeting Time

This group meets every second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Kinlin Room.

Interested in Joining?

If you would like to be involved with our Pastoral Council or are interested in a vacant position, please contact the Chairperson, or the parish office.

Constitution and Bylaws

If you would like to view our Constitution and Bylaws, please open the following document: